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08 February 2009 @ 03:17 am
Ever since I remember, I always had this dizziness episodes, my mom used to say I was just not eating well, then I was in a gym class and I had to quit because I could not balance my body and kept on getting injured. When I turned 30, my dizziness increased and in '05 I experienced the first Vertigo that lasted 2 weeks. My drs said there is no cure, so don't even batter going to ER, just try to manage my diet and treat my symptoms as they come. After that, I've been dizzy sometimes, and had vertigo (lasting from seconds to 10 minutes) several times in a year, but were not as bad as the first one. I am on the low sodium diet, but I also eliminated any thing that may provoke nausea/dizziness,  that are coffee and chocolate; that is for sure if I eat chocolate, I know if it is not the same night, the next day I'll have vertigo. I just wanted to share this.
Also, I have sinus allergies, last month I was congested with allergies, I went to sky with my family for 4 days, I was not able to keep my low sodium, I was congested, and had 4 small bite size of chocolate, I didn't think I would get this bad, when I got home I was already feeling dizzy and woke up with  vertigo that lasted 10 days, on and off and continuously, non stopping, the kind that you can not move your head, If I moved my head 1 degree to the right/left/front/back the vertigo would spin even faster and I was landing on the floor every time. After this long episode, I went to see my dr to give me something for the nausea, she gave me nothing and told me to keep a journal and see her in few month, she wants to see if there is a pattern with this meniers. Her nurse gave me some advice, she also have meniers and she told me hers starts with her sinus, you have to avoid at all cost any kind of congestion that may put pressure in your ears.
I take the water pill to reduce the fluid presure, and that seems to help.
I can tell when the dizziness is coming, it starts with a little light headed, so I've been taking Sudafed Decongestant NON DROWSY and that stops the dizziness.
Also, sometimes I feel the ringing, and pain, and I'm not even congested, what I do beside the pills, I blow my nose as hard as I can, but I cover my nostrils (do Not let the air come thru my nose), I feel almost instant relief, and feel when my ears unplug.
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24 April 2008 @ 01:20 pm
I have had a friend recently suggest to me that I should try going to a physiotherapist for something called the Epley Manoevre. Apparently a friend of hers tried this, and it relieved her vertigo (not related to Meniere's) greatly.

I'm not sure, however, if this is something that would benefit Meniere's. I've done some Googling, and the description of what it's supposed to do sounds like it's a little bit of guesswork. I'm not very good at things medical, howver, so I could be terribly wrong about that.

I'm curious if anyone has had this treatment, and if they found it to be useful or not. I'm still trying to determine if it's covered by my helathplan at work. If it is, I might try it anyway. But I'm not keen on spending my own money on something that might turn out to be useless.
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11 April 2008 @ 07:35 am
I was diagnosed with Meniere's last September, and my doctor put me on Serc to reduce the attacks and vertigo. It's worked to the point where I've finally started to notice more subtle and specific things that seem to be triggers to attacks.

The big one I'm noticing now that spring is trying to arrive is weather changes. Everytime there's a drastic weather change (and I live in Ontario, Canada, so there can be large shifts in temperature and pressure in the course of a day; we have nothing if not interesting weather extremes), I start getting dizzy, tired and groggy. If the shift is big enough, as happened earlier this week, I end up home and in bed trying to sleep it off because I'm good for nothing else.

I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this trend? Anything I've read on Meniere's talks about stress, sodium, caffeine, alcohol... nothing about weather. Is this a common trigger for attacks, or just an added bonus to a winter full of weird and seriously extreme weather conditions?
05 March 2008 @ 09:06 pm
Last night I went through one of the scariest experiances I've had in a long time due to my stupid idodic dizzies.
I've been sick off and all for like three weeks now. My coughing cold turned into a full blown bi-lateral ear infection pluss fluid on my ear drumms. So antibodoc me up with the head hazz that comes with that.
As you all know when you have meneirs the last thing you want is anything dealling with the ears especially an ear infection.
I just wanted to take a shower to feel better. Safe enough right. Thought a little hot water would clear my head. My boy was suppose to be back from doing laundry in about ten minutes so if anything happened I would be fine.
Some of you might already be caughting where this is going, but I'll continue.
I turned my head under the shower head to rinse of the reast of the shamppoo and caught my ear. Hot water pounding straight on my inflaimed eardrum.
Luckly I was able to grapp ahold of the bar in my shower and set myself down instead of crashing down as the spell knocked me. Like a cheap sucker punch to an almost glass jaw.
I just let the water run pounding on my back. He was going to be home soon so I would just let it run.
I had to figure out how to turn myslef around to turn off the knobs once the water got icy .
Sitting waiting. freaking myself out because I was alone, wet, cold, and afraid. The front door was unlocked so he could get in, but then my mind started to think what would happen if someone else unwanted came in.
Had jsut gotten myself over that panic and a towel wrapped around me. then the phone wrang in the other room where there was no way i could reach it. He wasn't coming for another half hour or longer.
alone, and stuck with a body that wouldn't listen.
I managed at one point to get myself standing but had to sit back down because I slippped.
I was trapped in a stupid bath tub for an hour and I have been so scarred in my life.
What if he was calling to say he wasn't coming. what if soemone else had come in. I couldn't do anything because of this stupid body. I'm 22 what am I going to do if something like this happens when I'm 40 or 50? What if I don't caught myself the next time?
I hate my body, I hate these stupid dizzies, I hate meniers and just want it gone. I can't even take any meds, because my system is so freakish.
I keep moving because I have to, I put up with because I have no other chioce. But I'm so sick of it.
I used to believe everything good or bad had a reseon. But I don't see the reason in being so limited.
I could do so much more, if I was just healthy like everybody else. I hear it time and time again from docters "If you didn't meniers you would be the healthest person I've seen in here for years."
I'm jus so sick of being afraid of being trapped and having no way to get help or for help to find me.
I have to work so hard to do collage already, have these stupid dizzies spells on top of it doesn't help. There is so many times where I want to go out with friends or do soemthing and I can't. I tell them its because of school work, but sometimes i'm just to dizzy. That the place their going is just to noisy and will set of my dizzy spells.
God I don't know what I would give anymore to just be healthy like other people my age.
I push myself to do fencing, to climb the steps of my collage, to keep up. Not everyday but I don't count the good days anymore. Because there are to few and they just hurt, because they show me what I could do.

So yeah this rant sucks. But at least maybe one of you will understand something about it. Because I'm tired of being surround by people that aren't like me.
my friends, my love, my family try to understand.
But how many of them will ever understand the fear of be trapped in a freaking bath tube?
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09 September 2007 @ 10:03 pm
I don't remeber if I have asked this before or not, but. Do any of you get temp spikes during a drop/big attack. One of the few signs I get before a drop attack is a hugh jump in my temp I feel like I'm burning up. During the attack it gets worse, my friends tried to gauge my temp but I couldn't keep the themom eter in my mouth. If I can cool down it actuall y helps to get rid of the attack.
With a bad attack sometimes my body spikes up, but not always. My doctor in all their wisedom say its all in my head and their is no way my body temp can change due to vertigo. But my roomate has learned that if I'm warm on my neck I'm having an attack that is only going to get worse.
Does this ever happen to anyone else?
I haven't had a drop attack in awhile but I was thinking about strange symptomes, thanks to reading our new members post. It seems like some of us have the same symptomes but a lot of us have weird off shots that can't be exsplained.
It just gets so frustrating to never really know what my body is going to do to me today.

Keep fighting.
09 September 2007 @ 07:08 pm
 Hi, everyone.  I am glad to have found this group on LJ.  I was just diagnosed with Meniere's after a bout of unusual symptoms that culminated in a rushing/roaring noise and pressure in my left ear, some mild dizziness and nausea, and fairly significant, temporary hearing loss.  I'm 34 and have never had any symptoms before, though I do get terrible migraines and the ENT said there's new research suggesting that Meniere's is vascular and there is a correlation between the two, i.e., a disproportionate number of Meniere's sufferers also have migraines.  I have had four acute attacks so far (in about 2 months), but I don't have the vertigo or drop attacks that some people talk about.  Each episode has been progressively worse, though, and has lasted longer each time -- the last one for 2-1/2 days.  I can tell when an episode is ending b/c I get a stabbing pain in my eardrum, then the pressure and noise starts to lift.  I am on dyazide and a low-salt, caffeine-free diet.  

I do have a couple of questions:

1. Before I got the first ear-related attack, I had some terrible swelling/edema in my ankles, feet, wrists, hands and elbows.  The dyazide took care of that right away, and it has not returned -- has anyone else ever experienced this?

2. For women, do you find that you have episodes related to your period?  Twice now I've had one that started on the second day of my period.  Also, do you have migraines?

3. Do you have any warnings that an attack is imminent?  And do you have the eardrum pain or anything else that lets you know an episode is ending?

4. How long do episodes usually last, and does Meniere's get worse/progress over time?  I don't have drop attacks or severe vertigo now, but might I develop them?  

I appreciate any insights you guys might have!  I am trying to find out as much as I can on the internet, etc.  No one I know has ever heard of it, and my mother acts like I'm making it up, so it's good to know there are other people out there!
07 June 2007 @ 08:23 am
I went to go have another ENG done and the audiologist tried what is called the Eply monouver on me. I couldn't move my head for two days and had to do other stuff for a week. But it seems to have helped. My dizzies are down and usally stuff like falling down, I triped and feel yesterday, that usally make me really dizzy doesn't effect me as bad.
So I have to keep on doing a home version of the monuver now, but I think its helping. We'll see if it really worked once the ringing in my ears comes back because that seems to effect my dizzies too.
So just telling you about another potential treatment for vertigo, a type called benine potitianal bilateral vetigo, aomething like that.

So best of luck.

Keep fighting,
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15 March 2007 @ 02:05 pm
Hi, I've been a member of the community for a while, but this is my first post.  I have Meniere's, and I am profoundly deaf in both ears but am able to use a hearing aid in one.  I am also blind (due to a different disease).
The vertigo attacks are increasing in frequency and duration, and I am on Meclazine and compazine right now.  I also have Addison's disease, and as a result of this, vomiting has the potential to be fatal.  My ENT is thinking about putting me on a stronger vestibular suppressant, but he's afraid of what it will do to me.
Sodium and caffeine intake really don't seem to effect me either way, but alcohol does.
The deafness is tricky-- I am learning ASL and am a fluent Braille reader, and use a Braille display to access the internet/IP relay etc.
I'm just looking for any experiences/stories that people would like to share.
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13 March 2007 @ 04:12 pm
Was going to post this earlier but got side tracked with midterms, yeah stress.
So I had a fun day at work, for those you that don't know I work at the theater department at my school building sets. It is a low paying over rated work study construction job.
I was moving heavy stuff and getting over heated with a lot of up and down work, and getting mad at my boss for not listening to me but that is a diffrent dubject, when I collapsed.

Yeah drop attack right there on the stage in full glory. Luckily I was able to but down the door I was helping to carry before I went boom.

My main boss and my other boss, I have five (frustration). Crowded around me and wanted me to sit up. Why do people always want you to sit up when you fall down? I told them all I was needed was quiet and they went back to work.

I still don't know if I should be thankful that they left me alone or should feel like dirt because they went back to work. They didn't check back up on me but one of my co-workers climbed down from what he was doing to get me a glass of water.

They didn't even seem to notice when my boy showed up and hobbled me home.

One of my good boss/friend emailed me later telling me not to die and think about her if I did. We both hate the job together. She didn't even see me go down.

I was lucky that my drop attack is what my boy has so acrutely named as a succer punch, because it nocks me down but doesn't take me out, and not a ko punch.

A few days of rest and him makeing sure that I ate and I was back on my feet for work and mid-terms.

It was strange when I went back into work because my main boss was treating me like broken glass for the next few days. I hope he gets over it when I get back from break.

I hate the job but I hate having nothing to do even more, especially when I'm being paid to do nothing.

So fun times. I just hope that never happens again. Atleast no one tried to call an ambulence this time, I hate having drop attacks in puplic because somebody always wants to call the ambulence. Sheesh like they've never seen someone randomly drop in puplic before (in place sarcasum here).

So just unloading.

13 March 2007 @ 12:12 pm
Hi. I'm new here, but I would like to find out a few things about Meniere's if possible.

Yesterday, after I had gone through most of my morning ritual, I was busy filling the water bowls for my dogs when I dropped to the floor for no apparent reason. I had no warning, nothing, yet found myself on the floor anyway. I couldn't get up immediately, as the whole world was spinning, but managed to crawl my way to my bedroom and clamber on top of my bed. It took about 10 minutes for the dizzyness to subside to a point that I could actually manage it, and get to work. About halfway through the morning, a splitting headache started, and I suffered dizzy spells for the rest of the day.

I went to the doctor, and once she had checked blood pressure, blood sugar and asked a series of questions, told me she was treating me for Meniere's, and told me to go look it up on the web.

What I've read fits with various symptoms I've had occur randomly and repetitively over the past four years - including episodes of tinitus, hearing loss and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

i have, however, gone long periods of time between the symptoms occuring - up to 8 months at a time, so I'm not entirely sure if it is Meniere's. How will I know for certain? Are there any specific tests that can say for sure?

I am planning on getting a second opinion, but well... for now, I'm more curious than anything else.